Starting with the stillness

Traveling in the early morning to the airport through quiet city streets inspired this one. The beautiful song ‘As if we never said goodbye’ was in my head.

Starting with the stillness
city streets are empty
one lonely car
weaving in
weaving out
paved roads.

Somewhere birds are singing
children are playing
screams of horns blaring
somewhere far.

Here, my destination
dark windows and locked doors
still time enough
to watch the sky
lighten towards
the day.

Before I turn the key
I wonder if you’re sleeping
on a sunny morning
another time
another place
another breath away.

Starting with the stillness
things are not the same, dear
children are playing
somewhere far.

Before I turn the key
I hear a bird singing
alone like me
another quiet morning
when city streets are empty
I’m waiting in the stillness
for another day.


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