Where Love Lives

Here’s one that I thought of after hearing a beautiful choir concert. I thought ‘if only I could always feel so inspired and filled with exhaltation.’ But then I realised … is that the mind I would always want to have? Would I lose something?

Maybe I’m wrong and one can have both …

Where Love Lives

Wafts of white cloud
caress my face and stream
into my breath
like Heaven.

Here is the place far from pain.
Here is the place I cannot love you.

High music screaming
on white-tipped eagle wings
my heart lifts, my breath
becomes the sky.

High above the earth
no knife, no touch,
no hand can reach me.

Here I cannot love you.

The rain sticks your hair
down against your cheek
warm, red cheek
and wet, smoking eyes.

Eagles call to me
‘Soar on wings above
the world!’
I feel the rain.
I choose the world.
Here is the place I can love you.

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