A new rain

Like a new year, rain brings us promise, washing away dirt, dead leaves, old memories. The world is greener after a rain, and a fresh scent is in the air. Happy New Year to everyone- may a fresh, green, growing start to 2013 be with you all!

Long-fingered green
goddess hands
with rings of silver
drop tears
on the leaves and

Shaking her bangles
a tinkling of rain.

Silver-ringed hands
are stars that flowers
navigate by
equal jewels to
diamonds in the sky.

Young buds unfurl
green to orange sunset
her fingers paint
colours on the earth
and wash the dirt
where we stood
even sidewalks
gleam with silver.

Her breath a night breeze
sweet jasmine scent
she slips away
the air is still
the dusty day
holds its breath.

Our steps grind
dirt leaves blood
where it stands
dead leaves dry
sidewalks grey.

A tinkling of rings
flowers bloom
in the pavement

She cries
a new day.


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