Paper Houses

We cut out roses
and houses
picture bricks
with childs’ hands.

We stood the man
where his paper smile
loved his wife.

The earth turned.

The edges so thin
the rose had no smell
petals never fell
walls melted in rain.

You and me

We had such
paper flowers.


She walks in a green land
a growing land
sunflowers match her hair
bluebirds in her eyes
her song lifts the grass
parts clouds
calls out the sun

She walks in the land
meets the rain boy
cloud eyes and soft hair
dark as mud
grass thirsts for him
sun hides and earth rests
drinks, as birds sing
in minor keys

They walk in the land
in harmony


Ponytail Girl

Ponytail chirping
Green eyes dancing
She waves her wand
and sunshine grass grows

The day is setting
In tulips and roses
She looks for a road
That will take her home

The grass at her feet
Hides the tread of the street
Flowers cradle her heart
And sing out don’t go

She looks to the west
And feels her dreams die
Though bright stars wink
And play in her eyes

Ponytail girl
A rose in the world
Look around – can’t you see
You are home?