Dream Journey

About to close my eyes here in Cambridge, and thought I’d muse about the night. Enjoy the poem, and sweet dreams to all.

Who knows
where we lie
when we sleep.

Future friends
almost known
past loves
kissed again
and forgotten
when night parts
with the bright
of sun’s eye.

My limbs sink
eyes seek
and the place
we once lay
under yesterday’s stars.


Rain Drum

photo (7)

It’s been raining since first thing this morning, one of those thick and constant downpours that makes one pity any poor human, cat, or other animal who is cold and wet, finding itself without a roof overhead. ┬áHere are my thoughts in poem form … the healing power of rain.

The rain keeps
you in
roof drums
your feet curled
as nature drinks
your tea warm
as blackberries swell
restless, reading
you shift your feet
let me run in
summer sun tuck
blanket tighter
curling deep
a seam in your
heart sews up.


A Quiet End

Here is a slightly morbid one on a summer’s day- a nod to that lurking truth we all must face. My mom was ill this summer and though she’s recovered, I find myself thinking of mortality more than usual.

A dark knight lurks
in corner shadows
light does not

His soft cloak
surrounds her
shutting out
the day.

Outside the veil
she hears bright
doves her loves
call her name –

he takes it,
never to be
called again.

Wild Sky

After a few weeks of glorious sun in England, a sudden rainstorm hit. Watching raindrops from the campus bus, I thought of this poem. Hope you enjoy it.

Wild Sky
secrets told in
knock on glass

you hide us
the window
say rain is
loud and grey

I break the glass
and fly into
blue, silver, black
Wild Sky