Deep in the Center of Things

In the center
of the world
lies a boy
mop of curls
stardust in his eyes
a rose in his sigh
curled like a dream
or a thought
or ice cream
he sings
and the earth
turns round.

Deep in the ground
shining strong
in the warm
of milky way
in the center
of things
I found him awake
when I tunnelled down
low when despair
took my wings.

He sang a swift song
turned me upside-down
showed me a cut
on his knee.

He laughed at my tune
gave me a moon
his smile brought
such peace to me.

The roots all know
where flowers grow
and bloom when the
little boy sings.

Curled like a dream
or a thought
or a king
he’s deep in the
center of things.


Turning of the Day

This is a sad one, so read at your own risk! ┬áTo anyone who has ever lost anyone – that feeling inside of loss and what is left in our hearts at the same time.

Some call it golden
The dim turning of the day
When sun trumpets loudest
Before he slinks away

A patch of dying blue
Shows its color bold
Bats and balls are put down
By the young and the old

I knew your color once
The flaming red of your hair
Kissed in sun’s last parting
– before he did not dare.

The veil of night descends
Fading out the blue
When the moon shakes out her shawl
I stop and think of you

The girl who smiled strong
So bright at only four
Here you played hopscotch
One, two, three, no more

They say the brightest flames
Are taken far too soon
To have the sun as suitor
Is to know a jealous moon

So when she shows her face
At the turning of the day
I know another flame
Is taken far away

Some of us are safe
Brown as dirt can be
Though there are stripes in my heart
Blood as red as she

The moon has taken much
But when the day is done
A warmth kisses my face
Where before there was none

As if the sun does know
The bright flame in my heart
I bind her safe from night
A color that never parts

Until the moon finds out
And my turn will be nigh
Then I will follow where
My little girl does lie