Deep in the Center of Things

In the center
of the world
lies a boy
mop of curls
stardust in his eyes
a rose in his sigh
curled like a dream
or a thought
or ice cream
he sings
and the earth
turns round.

Deep in the ground
shining strong
in the warm
of milky way
in the center
of things
I found him awake
when I tunnelled down
low when despair
took my wings.

He sang a swift song
turned me upside-down
showed me a cut
on his knee.

He laughed at my tune
gave me a moon
his smile brought
such peace to me.

The roots all know
where flowers grow
and bloom when the
little boy sings.

Curled like a dream
or a thought
or a king
he’s deep in the
center of things.

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