I tremble
in Winter’s grasp
icicle teeth
and glacier claws
hold my yellow

Snowdrops play
her game
calm and chill
they masquerade
in her colours
heads bent and still.

But I stand
yellow and
vibrant nearly
reaching Spring,
I reflect the flower
at the heart
of the sun.

So she keeps
me tightly, a
snow cat ferocious
every talon and tooth
on her trembling prey.

And I wait for
the dance of light
I know must come-
the sky-eyed girl
with mirrors on her
sleeves twirling flashes
into Winter’s eyes
until she retreats
banished in colour
and the world wakes again.


Your Music

I feel your music
in my hands.

They tremble with
the energy of notes.

With the grace
of arias the wind
lifts your hair.

Your red cheeks
a rhythm- jazz
blues the pulse
of samba
in my blood.

No wonder I

drop the papers
which were

They fly apart
with wings of sound.

My hands tremble
with the energy
of your music.


A net of oysters
Laughing in winter rain
We cast it
Into the darkness

We sweat salt
Our hearts pulse
Red waves in
A flaming sunrise

Singing, one voice
From many, one hand
From many, we
Drag the net
From dark depths

Awed, struck
Spray salts our faces
As if we were weeping
We lift the net
To find pearls
Where oysters lay sleeping

Author’s note: I am interested in what you think this poem is about. I have had some interesting readings from friends- it says different things to people. Let me know what it says to you (if anything) Thanks! Inky