Winter Fire

Even fire sleeps
through a veil
-winter sun

Winter hill
white horse cresting
– moon in mist

First winter ice
on my back
-a cascade of stars

Winter has begun here in the UK, leading to misty evenings and dark nights. The sun spends more time in other places, and we are kept company by the moon.

I hope you all enjoy these haikus (maybe while drinking a hot cup of tea)!


Black pot

A gift-
black pot
fits perfectly
in my hands.

A gift-
black pot
holds a
new purpose.


These two poems are inspired by a wonderful little pot from a friend- see it here in the picture. The potter is Roberto Bañuelos. I love this pot- it has character- it speaks to me, saying ‘guess what I hold today’? It has many stories, and has been around the world, I’m sure. It’s a little wonky, which makes me love it more- and it does fit perfectly in my hands.

A big thank you to my friend, and the potter.  I hope all you readers are reunited with ‘your pot’ one day.