Laughing Sky Haikus

Three shorts poems on a laughing night- enjoy, and may they bring moon smiles.

Full moon
beaming under
Sun’s love
– even rabbits

A shooting star
in Sky’s mirror
startles the fish.

The moon smiles
the Big Dipper stands
on its head
How can we
not laugh?


Snow Horse

If I am to be
Snow Horse
I will paw
at your door
just when
Winter’s deepest
and you
will not see
just an onyx
in your heart
the same
colour as
my eyes.

I will wait
in the icy night,
my breath
making clouds
on your neck
until you open
your old,
heart eyes
and take my
mane of white rain

-then, old friend,
we will both
know freedom

I am very curious as to what readers think- this is a different style for me. Is it a children’s poem? I wonder…