An extraordinary moment

A few moments
of sunlight
is all we know

before the deep
green sea
loves us into

its dark heart
its starfish places

An ordinary

our faces
to the

of warmth
and light

before fleeting
we vanish
into the waves

Inky here, I wanted to convey a sense of the ordinary turned extraordinary when we have but a moment here on this Earth.  Perhaps the dance of sun is that much more beautiful when we know rain will follow.  Perhaps a connection with another person is that much more sacred and beautiful when we realise how fleeting our lives are.  Here’s wishing all of you a beautiful moment, or that every moment is beautiful.


Dark Lands

I’m swimming
in the dark lands
now the seaweed
the murk green
I’m finished
with the
cloud life

I’ve fallen.

of kelp
their salt grip

looking up
from the depths
as the moon
gets so small

I won’t miss her

I’m done with
the cloud world
and the fear of falling

I’ve fallen

I’m ready
for the
deep knives
of the dark.

I listened to kd lang’s rendition of Hallelujah several times before writing this poem. There is something wonderful about her golden voice and the deep depths she pulls me into- I willingly dissolve.