Day Moon


This poem was inspired by the work of a local Cambridge (UK) artist, Elspeth Owen.  She has run a project over the last year that celebrates the moon; it culminates in the blue moon (second full moon in one month) at the end of July.  She decided to switch off everything- kiln, phone, for a year, and deliver ‘moon cups’ by hand.  I found it so moving (along with her spidery studio) that I wrote this poem.  The gift of moons …  and thanks to a good friend John for his ‘Day Moon’ photo.


She Walks

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I watched ‘Wild’ with Reese Witherspoon the other evening, and it inspired this poem. One young woman’s journey walking through California to Canada following the Pacific Crest Trail- she is trying to find something- maybe how to put down grief and ‘enjoy life’- maybe it was that simple.

A friend’s son, Jake, is now heading for a six week walk of his own in Spain.  I wish him and all the other walkers out there luck.  And may you lay down the unhelpful and find the beauty of living.

Technical note: apologies for the splitting of the poem with borders- WordPress seems to dissolve the formatting, so I had to save as two separate images.