Owl Owl

Owl owl

soft in the sky
your white
flies dark
in your
infinite eyes.
You drift
a dandelion
as I
rooted to the
know flight
in your
curling arcs
wings delight
Could I fly
with you
and leave
an empty wake?
Could we fly
until morning
without a trace?

She Races

She races cars
and hearts
and parts
the clouds
to reveal
the gentle face
of the moon.

At night
she tumbles
the wild surf,
sea-foam in
her hair and

when you open
the door to
the sun-kissed
she’s there.

This is inspired by one of my friends- yes, I know a sea-foam woman!


Sweet Sweet

Screen shot 2016-08-02 at 23.02.44

I cannot do justice to my cat, but I will post this anyway.  He is evoking a lot of writing as my companion of 14 years has a progressive kidney disease. I can see those wings of his clearer and clearer every day. May they take him far when he flies to a world that deserves him.