Rain Flood

I saw the child.

I saw her tilt
her face
to the sky.

The rains are
the streets

cigarette butts
spiral into

trees drink

soft earth
turns to

and change
the face
of the world.

The hundred year
old woman’s tears

flood down
her face

The child’s face
in bliss.

She takes the rain
in every pore.

The rain is love.
The rain is love.

Taste of Earth

I don’t like sweet things.

I want to taste the earth
in what I take in.

Sugar dresses up
a constant smile
belying fangs

or like cotton candy,
all air
spun high
leaving me

Orcas charming,

– then

I’m bitten clean through.

They say I’m too cynical
but maybe I just believe
in your scowl, sour

’cause I see all the flowers
blooming in a glorious sunrise

when you spring a smile.

Yeah, you mean it.
I can taste the earth in you.

Born to Water

Maybe we were
born to water

and with new arms
and legs,
we climbed onto
the river’s shore

maybe the land
claimed us,
reeds and grasses
bound our ankles
and gave us

maybe swimming
in the currents
in the deepest eddys
are strange fish
like us

maybe the water is
both calmer
and deeper
than we think

so we could not
stand if we entered
nor breathe though

maybe if we jumped now
we’d remember who we were
just at that moment
of birth

maybe then we’d swim
to the bottom
and touch home.