Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde

They whisp, spectres taken form.
Almost seen, they mask themselves
in cloaks and march through a
maze, constrained and floating.

The moon is what they are after.
She’s yellow, they know,
and round, full.

She’s tangible substance
while they float,
she strides,
while they are ever-hungry,
she eats.

Life, life they whisper in cracked
wind voices.

If they meet her, they will live.

Three persevere though one
cannot face the light,
and hides in a dark corner
dreaming of the moon.

The others chase,
sometimes catch!

– but she, intangible,

This one is for all you Pacman fans!


2 thoughts on “Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde

  1. Oh, Inky Cat, you gave the clue only at the end – and I have to say I grew up (if indeed I am fully grown?) before the Pacman era. So I shall get Leveret to explain the finer tuning of this evanescent poem. Or Uncia uncia, my snow leopard.
    The broader song delights me! Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment! Well, Pac-Man (a yellow almost-moon) eats white dots and is chased by four ghosts. If one of the ghosts touches Pac-Man the session ends and Pac-Man resurrects to be chased again. Also, one of the ghosts is coded to chase Pac-Man most of the time, but also moves toward the lower-left corner of the maze when it gets too close to Pac-Man. As if its heart’s desire would be too overwhelming to actually attain.

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