Home the Sea

You know this place

where you become

sea kelp,


hardly solid.


You are rocked,

each fear


by salt kisses.



the moon rules

your veins

and your blood

is salt water.


When dry fissures

crack your heels,




listen for the waves.


You cannot lose her,

the sea.

In the shell

of your heart

lies a pearl.


3 thoughts on “Home the Sea

  1. There is much of comfort for me in this poem – thank you. Fear also, because I do not (yet) swim and I am afraid of drowning (and/or of the panic that I associate with that thought.) However the “salt kisses” speak of our watery origin, and also of reassurance.
    And re-reading this I am reminded of seeing an otter close into the shore on the last day of our recent holiday by the sea – swimming confidently and seemingly oblivious of us, parallel to the wide sandy beach.
    Blessings to you, Inkygatta

  2. Hello and thank you. I always associate you with the sea and am surprised you cannot swim- possibly you would love being immersed in that Element. If I can help you learn at all let me know. I’m quite at home in the water and would happily go to a pool or river with you!

    I saw a sea turtle – a few- in the ocean. The turtles definitely curled through this poem.

    May the otter swim happily along. And thank you for frequently commenting on my poems =)

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