Earth Speaker

Earth Speaker,
tell us the way –

how to live as
a dandelion,
yellow joy,
full of vitamins,
unafraid to be picked,

how to live as
a tree
shading those
who are burning,

home to birds,
squirrels, insects,
smaller things.

Tell us how
to become
a home

even in
our final fall

to let go
of the sky
and lie back
down to earth
with grace

as the living trees
witness our change
and mushrooms
and lichens
take us.

Earth Speaker,
tell us,
for we have
we are part
of it all.


2 thoughts on “Earth Speaker

  1. “how to live as a dandelion” – ah what a glorious line to “take for a walk”; what a golden thread to weave into Wondrous Ways!
    In my love-hate relationship with dandelions this perhaps has arrived to tip the balance in their favour … though I prefer them in the meadows rather than where they like to play – in the cracks between wonky paving stones.
    May your petals be golden and joyful, Inky-friend. I’d like to link from my blog to this pooem, soon, if I may? I’m offering free weekly writing sessions there.

    • I’m so glad you liked ‘how to live as a dandelion’. I wasn’t sure people would respond to that one, but it definitely wanted to be spoken in the poem. If you’d like to love dandelions a bit more, have you seen this video about dandelions by the Fairyland Trust?
      Yes, thank you, do link to the poem from your blog. Lovely to hear you’re offering free writing sessions- well done for supporting others in that way! Ink purple petals to you.

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