Just Before Lockdown

I am honoured to have guest poet Arwen on my site today:

A ‘matted-hair ascetic’,
Head-scarfed like a chemo-
Therapy cancer-sufferer
(Recalling my dead sister);

Somehow still alluring, though,
In ‘Peaky Blinders’ cap, and
Trousers billowing and grey,
As I skip behind in my

Flowing purple, hippy skirt –
Like we’re both gender-diverse –
For, in that respect, I desire
The reflex of myself;

Your eyes a beautiful,
Open and expressive grey –
Though in the shops determined
(Recalling my dead grandmother).

We have reached a place of comfort;
So you thread my wrap-around skirt,
While I stand in dutiful
“Suits you” underwear.

A memory of non-essential
Shopping, two ‘girls’– you a
Shadow Julie Andrews,
Umbrella fighting the storm,

High up on Elizabeth
Way Bridge, worrying about us
Being bludgeoned by ‘far-right groups’ –
Always worrying about death;

Covid-19 on your mind
As you gave in to a melting
Hug – just before lockdown –
Two beings in a soft embrace.



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