Morning Song

The land is kissed
by golden morning.

puffs her breast,
sings and wings
across the meadow.

My heart knows
a sweet song
touched by dew.

I, too,
in first gold,

rejoicing in the
new breath 
of a honeyed day.


2 thoughts on “Morning Song

  1. Intrigued that you have chosen to write ‘Morning Song’ in gold ink and a different typeface! And I love ‘eye-awake’ – do you think you have coined this luminous phrase? And would you like to leave some golden calligraphy on You’d be very welcome …

    • I am playing with font, especially colour. I think it affects the feel of the poem. Though hopefully the gold doesn’t make it hard to read. I think I coined ‘eye-awake’, yes. Though I’m always afraid something I’ve heard years ago lurks in subconscious and escapes through pen as if new!

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