I let you go

I let you go

as ash falls away and

your Phoenix wings spread

in the colours of fire.

I let you go

as you taste smokeless

air as you dance,

curl, somersault

in the breeze.

I let you go

to beat your wings

to the drum of the Earth,

to swoop low

and hear

the rhythm of the trees.

I let you go

to watch your

reflection soar,

to gaze in the still

lake and

know your flames.

I let you go,

and then,

that day you come back,

I will open,

the hearth to your fire.


2 thoughts on “I let you go

  1. I love the smokiness of this, although you declare the “taste smokeless”. I love the way it spirals like the rekindling of an ember. I am on a Movement Medicine course about grief at the moment. It is called Ashes and Blossom. This resonates.

    • I imagined the Phoenix swirling and soaring a bit like smoke. Ashes and blossom is a wonderful name for your course. May you too reclaim your fire from those quiet ashes.

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