For Guest Poet Arwen – Rest in Peace

A friend who allowed me to post his sensitive and insightful poems on this blog has just passed away. He was secretive about his poems, and I felt honoured that he let me feature his work. He felt supported by all the ‘likes’ so thanks to anyone who did so. Scarf and Plant Empath are two of my favourites.

This is what I have written in the wake of his passing.

Rest in Peace, Lee/Arwen, beautiful being may your journey be blessed.


2 thoughts on “For Guest Poet Arwen – Rest in Peace

  1. Oh inky spirit I look to you for a paradigm of how to carry this grief, and I am not disappointed. Thank you for your grace in this praise-singing at Lee’s passing. Thank you for walking alongside him so many times. Thank you for releasing him with a companionable smile, and waving him into his joy of freedom now.

    • I am so honoured that this poem, which came into me as if a gift, has helped you and others. I am so glad we have his poems so we can hear his voice again, and some of the trees will talk about the one who planted them, I’m sure. With love.

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