Poem – A Girl

The strangest things out there

catch us unawares.

Spring shone in her skipping step

and bright, daffodil-streaked hair.

A soft frame of petals around a

ready rosebud smile,

I felt the warmth of softest sunlight
when I saw that child.

She stays with me today,

and I wonder, from what world is she from?

One with apples on lush branches

and cascades of lilting bird song.

Not this one, surely, grey

as a pearl-less winters day,

yet this earthly dove

has made me remember love

and the sun breaks through a cloud

and the morning chorus sings loud.

She will make the world her home

turn molten hearts from stone

teach us summer’s power

to walk the world a-flower

and suddenly the cost of

all the world has lost

seems likely to be repaid

all because of one girl, that day.