Spring Flow

I flow
while the land

My bare feet
on grass,
wet by morning dew.

My face warmed
by the sun,
a daffodil,
I open.

Crocuses surround me
as my life finds
new energy.

In Spring
I awaken
to this Truth.

I am the land.
We are the same


Ice Dragon

Ice dragon
rears into
the soft
of my heart

fanged and
old enemy,
old friend.

How well it
knows me,
finds just the
right place

to divide me.

I turn blue,
live in an igloo,
frozen tears.

Suddenly it
my igloo melts,

I’m thrown into
Summer again.

So much gold
after only blue

I am blinded
and I cannot
how to live
a coat.

I wasn’t sure about the end of this one- I kept fiddling with it. Any feedback on whether the poem breaks up and where that happens would be helpful.

I Lay Down

I lay down until
I was mostly lichen,
a bare branch,
the bark decayed.

I lay still longer
and I became dirt,
a mushroom digging
its roots through me.

I was bound,

until I was

pouring into
the ocean
and I became


Drowned in the
taste of
no color or smell

until the tides changed
and I rode up
on a white horse

and I saw
golden sun
blue waves
and the green
of the shore.

Ah if I knew
this was my fate
I would not have been
afraid to die.

I was inspired by Mary Oliver’s poems- many of her poems- especially ‘Sleeping in the Forest‘. My poem is only a small telling in the face of her gorgeous writing, but I thought it was worth mentioning the inspiration.

Inked Love

Inked arms
curling like
incense smoke
my heart.

I pray in kind.

He traces
his map
on my skin

where he had

dark places
and lost

and how he
only had
a candle –

all this
he draws
onto me

as I breathe
his spiced smoke
and take all of him in

– all

until the prayer
is answered

and I read
his tale
over and over

on my skin.

Home the Sea

You know this place

where you become

sea kelp,


hardly solid.


You are rocked,

each fear


by salt kisses.



the moon rules

your veins

and your blood

is salt water.


When dry fissures

crack your heels,




listen for the waves.


You cannot lose her,

the sea.

In the shell

of your heart

lies a pearl.