Snow White

They say she had

lips as red

as roses,

to speak with life

to speak with love

to speak with a full, red heart,

eyes as bright

as stars,

to see the light

to shine the light

to connect earth and sky,

hair as dark

as ravens,

to fly above

to soar through night

to love the black river,

and skin as white

as snow,

to remind us of

the strength

of the rose.


Good News Garden

There is only
good news now.

The leaf touched by
dawn’s grace.

The wildflowers
bright again,

bees breaking
into buzz

after the sleepy
silence of night.

Now the colours are
yellow, gold, green,
pink, purple and blue,

a meadow of colours
dreamt and undreamt.

Look close at the
curve of bee
on a papery petal.

Let the perfume
of wild rose
paint you in pink.

Step aside
from night’s
of black
and grey.

Enter the meadow
of clear colour
in sunlight.

There is only
good news here.

Imperfect Green

I stretch
feet soft
on grass
roots grow

My fingers,
leaves in
blue sky.

I am imperfect

my thoughts
don’t make sense
my heart
rebels sometimes

I don’t know
how to

All the blades
of green life
beneath my feet
are different –

in none is there

I am green,
and my roots
are deep
in this nourishing

I love
I love
I love


There is a slow opening
a fragrance startling
eyebrows lifted
a simple truth
in a chaos of leaves
one golden flower
hidden by tangles.

and shivering we
were led by its
fragrance to find
a bloom more
precious than
a baby’s first breath
a gold ring slipped
over a finger or
the spring, and the first
strong ray of sun
higher and sweeter
than any other.