My Mother’s Hair

My mother’s hair

is silk-soft,

she breathes

a deer breath

and surrenders

to my hands.

Long ago

she washed me,

her sure fingers

combing through

my hair.

Now I pray

her wounded heart

finds solace

in my touch.

She tires quickly

and I wrap her warm.

Her dark eyes

thank me,

she is too tired

for words,

but it is I

who is grateful

to feel my mom’s

silk-soft wisps

through my fingers,

to thank her

for my life.

Phoenix Heart

Dazzled by
candle flames
I drop to
inner eyes

and startle at the
brighter fire
of the phoenix

encased in
perfect light

with a love
born of fire
it takes flight

bright flame

its rare

the night.

Just found out two of my poems are accepted into the glorious Urthona magazine! Coming this winter.

Circle Rainbow

There in the

curled in
and white walls

the circle rainbow

we saw
a great ring of color
against the blue sky

the unicorn mast
the great flag
of love

remember how
we knew

stood between

the seen

and the wonders
in our hearts.

Heart Song

If my heart
could sing
it would sing
to you

of the floating
the blues
and greens
all lit with
yellow hues

your gaze
the sun
smiling in
my heart

light slants
on an ocean
of riches
I’d give
to you.

If your light
were dimmed
deep under
the sea

my heart
would sing

it would
sing you
to me.