Simple Deep Joys

My mother has recently come back home from hospital. As she slowly regains her strength I too regain my lightness of spirit, in simple (or are they?) joys.

A quiet cup of tea

outside on a wooden bench

as birds sing up the sun,

others sleeping,

warm-nested in bed.

A butterfly dancing,

black and orange wings

fluttering fantastically,

unafraid it hovers

and settles on a nearby

bright purple flower.

The tentative form of

my now-skinny mum,

fledgling steps in the kitchen,

she directs the making of lasagne,

my heart bursting with joy

as her hands grasp a dish,


then lift it surely

and place it on a table-

the chef awakening.


Joy Leapt

Joy leapt, a swan to the sky.

Her wings brushed the edges of me

and I opened to meet her.

A breath entered,

cool, radiant, clear,

full of sky,

for that moment I flew with her.

A short and hopefully sweet poem for you all, dear readers, and I hope moments of joy transport you as we soar to the end of 2020. – Giulietta

Joy Sings

Joy sings
from every tree,
trills and whistles
embrace me.

Spring shines
with buttercup eyes
as tiny wrens
flit on by.

I came dark
with winter’s grief,
eyes and roots
hiding deep.

Rising up
from memory,
cloud-hearted days
are lifting me.

Here is another joyful poem, hoping it lifts your spirits, dear readers.-Giulietta

An extraordinary moment

A few moments
of sunlight
is all we know

before the deep
green sea
loves us into

its dark heart
its starfish places

An ordinary

our faces
to the

of warmth
and light

before fleeting
we vanish
into the waves

Inky here, I wanted to convey a sense of the ordinary turned extraordinary when we have but a moment here on this Earth.  Perhaps the dance of sun is that much more beautiful when we know rain will follow.  Perhaps a connection with another person is that much more sacred and beautiful when we realise how fleeting our lives are.  Here’s wishing all of you a beautiful moment, or that every moment is beautiful.