Catch the water

Catch the water

as it shimmers

in springtime sun,

throwing diamonds

in joyful

kisses of light.


The thrill in a heart

to witness

this manifestation

of gems

after the shadows

and depth of night.


Dancing diamonds

give way

to long rays

of slanted sun,

painting the lake

in a quieter gold.


The peace in a heart

to witness and know

from the centre of 

Sun, Earth and human heart,

diamonds spring.


Love is the only gold.


Poem – A Girl

The strangest things out there

catch us unawares.

Spring shone in her skipping step

and bright, daffodil-streaked hair.

A soft frame of petals around a

ready rosebud smile,

I felt the warmth of softest sunlight
when I saw that child.

She stays with me today,

and I wonder, from what world is she from?

One with apples on lush branches

and cascades of lilting bird song.

Not this one, surely, grey

as a pearl-less winters day,

yet this earthly dove

has made me remember love

and the sun breaks through a cloud

and the morning chorus sings loud.

She will make the world her home

turn molten hearts from stone

teach us summer’s power

to walk the world a-flower

and suddenly the cost of

all the world has lost

seems likely to be repaid

all because of one girl, that day.


What if we breathed

as if the air

were sacred?

Each breath would be

a gift,

a kiss of precious life.

What if we danced

as if the earth

were sacred?

Each beat of her bones

would teach our hearts

what it means

to be loved.

What if we spoke

as if words

were sacred?

We would not waste them.

They would be blessings.

What could I say to you then, but


The Green Web

It is the green leaves
swaying in my heart
when I look upon the Ash
that tell me my name –
When I meet you
it is with a tree love,
not with a fist
of money
or might.
The true strength
of the world
lies here,
in heart to heart,
in leaf to leaf,
in leaf to heart.
Within this 
green web
of thrumming 
we are held
and forever
I hope you like this one. It’s a thought/feeling I’ve been having for awhile, and wanting to express it. – Giulietta 


Starling Hearts

If we skip forward
with starling hearts
we will breathe in
white blossoms
of Hawthorn tree.

Magpies flapping
in shallow, bright
pools will throw
to you and me.

Let’s skip forward
with starling hearts
and journey with
together in light.

Swooping swallows
will catch our breath
and bring us from day
to silvery night.

I thought we could all use a cheerful poem, may you skip in the light, dear readers.

Imperfect Green

I stretch
feet soft
on grass
roots grow

My fingers,
leaves in
blue sky.

I am imperfect

my thoughts
don’t make sense
my heart
rebels sometimes

I don’t know
how to

All the blades
of green life
beneath my feet
are different –

in none is there

I am green,
and my roots
are deep
in this nourishing

I love
I love
I love

Inked Love

Inked arms
curling like
incense smoke
my heart.

I pray in kind.

He traces
his map
on my skin

where he had

dark places
and lost

and how he
only had
a candle –

all this
he draws
onto me

as I breathe
his spiced smoke
and take all of him in

– all

until the prayer
is answered

and I read
his tale
over and over

on my skin.

Storm Petrels

Hello readers,

I have a flash fiction story up on Page&Spine magazine this week. ‘The Freedom in Me‘- read it for free.

And tonight’s poem- Storm Petrels. Thanks for reading these and may you be safe through storms.

Black petrels,
sear through
storm clouds,

breaking the
with flight.

We, softer
must stay,
wrapping our
arms and legs
into one

Great wails
of wind and the
sea overturned
carries unknowns
across our
fragile shelter.

Between tridents
of lightning
and the blackness
of oyster-deep

we press our
hearts together
creating a moon
between our hands
fingers pointing

Along with
driftwood, kelp
and shells,
the petrels land
in a bright morning.

We, soft, stand
on shore
and begin our

hand entwined
in hand
pointing north.