Red Rising

My mind colors
the moon

a red rising
in the night

that bathes
the black canvas

of deep,
secret water.

Those in the
starfish depths

holding tight
to seeming


look up
and color

each other.

There are
crests of

upon the sea

and the great
pulse of the

great heart
of the world

beats in our blood.


Elements of Love

Red sun lifts
As smaller loves
Butterfly flames
Lit with silk
Kisses catch
Fire until only
Ashes remain.

Yellow sun beams
As lesser loves fly
Phoenix wings sing
Golden tails
Soar high
Leave earth and
Freeze, scatter
Back to ground
Frozen fire
Broken ice
Without a sound.

Dark glacial seas
Kissed by red
The morning ice
Sings reflections
Roused from
Winter sleep
For just a minute
Until a braver day.

A lesser heart may weep
For a brighter signal
Not these warm whispers
Slow, constant and eternal.