Catch the water

Catch the water

as it shimmers

in springtime sun,

throwing diamonds

in joyful

kisses of light.


The thrill in a heart

to witness

this manifestation

of gems

after the shadows

and depth of night.


Dancing diamonds

give way

to long rays

of slanted sun,

painting the lake

in a quieter gold.


The peace in a heart

to witness and know

from the centre of 

Sun, Earth and human heart,

diamonds spring.


Love is the only gold.


Change – a poem

Have you ever had a big change in life? This poem comes from dancing through it. Surrendering to the winds of change, then finally, finding home.

When I die,

I will leap

from this party,

I will fling 

out my arms

and dance,

a maple key

spinning from tree.

I will tumble

into the chaos

of winds,



Touch down,

root into mud,

a new home,

a sapling be.

Nature’s Gift

I am so honoured to have my poem paired with an enchanting, evocative image in Earth Pathways 2023 calendar! I love the calendar and weekly planner, each year benefitting from their gifts of nature’s beauty and wisdom in image and words.

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What if we breathed

as if the air

were sacred?

Each breath would be

a gift,

a kiss of precious life.

What if we danced

as if the earth

were sacred?

Each beat of her bones

would teach our hearts

what it means

to be loved.

What if we spoke

as if words

were sacred?

We would not waste them.

They would be blessings.

What could I say to you then, but



The sun blazed high.

I looked to his power

for direction

and was blinded,

scorched until he danced,

a colourful myriad of inspirations,

even further from my reach,

into the sea.

I sat in the cool, soothing air,

listening to owls

telling their stories.

Night jasmine curled around gates

like children’s crowns woven

with white, fragile stars.

A hare leapt across a starlit field,

its tail bobbing like a tiny moon.

The gentle, round face of night’s queen,

simple, white and immense,

rose in the East.

Her light touched me

and did not burn.

I found my direction


under a bliss of stars,

dance moonwards.

Guest Poet – Plant Empath

She knows how insects feel;

“Companion plants” (not weeds)-

They are welcome.

Trees are the ultimate creation:

Bold and firm, yet flowing high up

Their branches in the wind;

And talking with their neighbours

Low down in the rhizomes;

The “plant empath” talks back. She climbs

for like all of us

She is just a monkey-type mammal.

“Anything that happens

To us is meaningful.

Anything the birds do is for play.

Our guts recognise the 10,000 year old grains.

The seeds are alive!”

“Plant Empath” is written by the perceptive and talented Arwen.