Night’s Cloak

Night’s cloak veils the land
I stop walking and await
Radiant moonlight

Last week the full moon was out over the beach and the wild ocean in Wales.  I went to a Haiku workshop, and this came out- if such things interest you, it is in the traditional 5-7-5 format (5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the third).

I just published a new novella- Painting Pretoria, encapsulating the beautiful and mysterious colors and moods of the ocean.

Red Rising

My mind colors
the moon

a red rising
in the night

that bathes
the black canvas

of deep,
secret water.

Those in the
starfish depths

holding tight
to seeming


look up
and color

each other.

There are
crests of

upon the sea

and the great
pulse of the

great heart
of the world

beats in our blood.

An extraordinary moment

A few moments
of sunlight
is all we know

before the deep
green sea
loves us into

its dark heart
its starfish places

An ordinary

our faces
to the

of warmth
and light

before fleeting
we vanish
into the waves

Inky here, I wanted to convey a sense of the ordinary turned extraordinary when we have but a moment here on this Earth.  Perhaps the dance of sun is that much more beautiful when we know rain will follow.  Perhaps a connection with another person is that much more sacred and beautiful when we realise how fleeting our lives are.  Here’s wishing all of you a beautiful moment, or that every moment is beautiful.

Water and Stone

Water on a rock
mountain I fell
into you splashed
spilled into
you until I

You are unchanged.

I streamed
a thousand tears
spilt into salt ocean.

Your name in the sun.

Mine a memory
dolphins sing
and oysters hold
– a pearl in a
deep water dream.