Snowflake Sounds

I was thinking about how some sounds are so much louder than others- and sometimes it’s not the ones we’re ‘supposed’ to hear, or maybe want to hear, that dominate our perception.

I’m listening to
the snowflake tearing
through icy air
while water pulls up
through trees
creaking towards
the sun.

My own pulse
and soft breath
whisper my
toenails growing
joints creaking
old rocking chairs.

I’m listening with every
cell in my eyes
nerve in my ears
even with my nose
you said

you’d leave and
somehow the sun
drowned out your
words you packed
a suitcase but
it was lost in
the dance of
dead leaves in
a forest far.

Now I turn up
the radio and hear
only your heartbeat
though an ocean
roars between us.