Watching day

we spread
under pink
lavender skies,

sunset starfish
taken by clouds

tangling and untangling
in the unknown
lightness of air

until we awaken
to that
within and between
and of us.

We drop
into the sea
with the sun

wondering if
we are coloured

or if we are

of the sea


Walking a Path

Walking a path
for miles
back and forth
carrying school 
books since I was
a little girl.

I walked this road
sometimes running,
sometimes skipping,
sometimes in tears.

I knew every tree
I ate many
apples and blackberries
on my way.
I tripped over a stone,
and skinned my knee
when I was eight.

After years away
I walk this path
once again.

I lay down
my bag, heavy
with car keys, 
wallet, glasses, and I
sit on the dirt in

A caterpillar,
green and curious
peers out from
a leaf.

A robin hops near-
my heart strains
for the caterpillar-

and I realise
I have never seen
this path at all.

This poem came upon reflecting on ‘looking deeper’. The idea that I might see the same thing for a certain way for years, even, and one day- see something else in it. It’s a hopeful and rich feeling for me- looking deeper- but as a friend said upon reading this poem, I could never go back to the same path. True, I think, and that thought made me pause, silent for awhile.