Last Snow

Birds, twigs
in beaks,

busy as a
flurry of snow
in the not-yet Spring.

Dust motes
floating, falling
blowing horizontal,
busy bright
in the light
of the sun.

Yellow tulips
on my windowsill –

Winter holds
to snow bones.

Lengthening days
welcome the flight
of birds, of us.

Others stop here.

Snow, busy busy
covers all who
choose to remain

those who are
not fleet-winged

those who are still,

After warmer weather the snow has returned to Cambridge, UK. And this is to those lost from the world this winter, claimed by the season.


Black Cat

Black cat
and your moonlit

I haven’t seen you
since the
summer came

when the moon
rises and your
milky eyes
throw winter
over the hills

I’ll say your name

and we’ll walk
through the darkness
together again.

Winter Fire

Even fire sleeps
through a veil
-winter sun

Winter hill
white horse cresting
– moon in mist

First winter ice
on my back
-a cascade of stars

Winter has begun here in the UK, leading to misty evenings and dark nights. The sun spends more time in other places, and we are kept company by the moon.

I hope you all enjoy these haikus (maybe while drinking a hot cup of tea)!


I tremble
in Winter’s grasp
icicle teeth
and glacier claws
hold my yellow

Snowdrops play
her game
calm and chill
they masquerade
in her colours
heads bent and still.

But I stand
yellow and
vibrant nearly
reaching Spring,
I reflect the flower
at the heart
of the sun.

So she keeps
me tightly, a
snow cat ferocious
every talon and tooth
on her trembling prey.

And I wait for
the dance of light
I know must come-
the sky-eyed girl
with mirrors on her
sleeves twirling flashes
into Winter’s eyes
until she retreats
banished in colour
and the world wakes again.