White Owl Woman

Come down
from the stars

white owl

your face
of moonlight
stills me

your gentle 
the trees

there is snow
on the hills
and ice
on the river

come down
to us
and bring us
your wings.

I wrote this on a 9 day meditation retreat in Wales.  The half-moon was white against the dark winter night.


She Races

She races cars
and hearts
and parts
the clouds
to reveal
the gentle face
of the moon.

At night
she tumbles
the wild surf,
sea-foam in
her hair and

when you open
the door to
the sun-kissed
she’s there.

This is inspired by one of my friends- yes, I know a sea-foam woman!

Electric Girl

I’d like to share a painting by one of my favorite artists with you.  His Etsy shop is here- this one isn’t on the shop yet, but you can always ‘Contact Shop Owner’ if you are interested!  He’s a San Francisco/Bay Area artist, John Sounds.



Electric girl

your hair

tomorrow’s rain