Gift of Water

Here’s one I’m working on. I’m not sure I’m yet happy with it- maybe it rambles a little. But I felt like sharing it. Feel free to give your feedback- anything work for you? Anything didn’t? Thank you.

A little girl
curls her fist
around moonlight

her blonde hair
flashes against
like lightning.

I think of her as
the first star
of rain
splashes the

I hear the next
and imagine
the sea
from where it came.

touches the waves
and appears
to be caught,
milky in dark water,

as if grace
could be held.

I wonder where
the girl is now,
what she holds
in her fist.

I make a cup
with my hands
and the rain
is cool in my palms.

cuts through midnight
and an echo
the water.

I wait,
hands cupped
to catch a glimmer

of a gift from her
maybe moonlight,
maybe grace.


2 thoughts on “Gift of Water

  1. Inky Cat … mmmm!
    This will repay further visits from me; thank you. Just for now, pls change ‘lightening’ (adjective meaning pale-ing) to ‘lightning’ (noun for what accompanies thunder). And lightning to my eyes is usually blue-white rather than yellow? Discuss!

  2. Good catch re lightning- thanks! Ah I was thinking of a yellow lightning bolt. Haven’t seen one in awhile though. The shock of it feels more yellow than eerie blue to me. It was more to show the bright shock of hair, like a flash of light. Though yes, I agree there are blue-white eels of lightning about too. Had a look at Google images… I see a mix! =) Thanks for discussion.

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